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Panelized Home Building Systems


Providing Quality Products and Services

“With a hardworking team and a harmonious working atmosphere; our products are perfect and diversified aside from being aesthetically beautiful and practical in several aspects“ We've got a one-stop approach rendering complete solution from design, production, construction to marketing.

Our company is committed to provide good and quality service proven by our great reputation as a result of the experience customers nationwide.


Tigerbilt has cultivated a group of highly skilled and professional group of technicians, and on-site installation team providing multi-dimensional services for customers who are enterprising and pragmatic in nature. From project conception to installation, we will make sure to provide the most scientific, reasonable and efficient solution.​​​​​​​


Tigerbilt provides Quality Prefabricated Building Systems at an Economical Cost.

What We Do in Tigerbilt

“Tigerbilt provides many infinite solutions for Prefabricated Building Systems, such as Industrial and Commercial Cold Storage, Walk-in Freezer/Chiller, Clean Room, Dry Warehouses, Factories, Temporary Warehouse, Equipment Shelter, Food Processing Plant, Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Plant, Gymnasium, Partition Walls, Climate Controlled Rooms, Guard House, Toll Booths, Insulated Roof, In-Plant Office, Ticketing Booths, Insta House Etc."

Prefabricated Building Systems
Prefabricated Building Systems

Easy Transporting
Up to 250 - 300m² Tiger House can be stored into a standard 40' container by different types of inland trucks.

Fast Assembling
Limited onsite work, averagely every 6 experienced workers can erect approximately 120m² Tiger House every day.

Various Layouts
Various layouts are easily formed by using the standard modularity and the locations of window and door are adjustable, all of these are to satisfy particular requirements for people from different backgrounds.

Safe Stability
Tiger House can resist up to magnitude 7 earthquake and magnitude 10 hurricane

Repeatable Use
Under normal circumstances, the Tiger House has long performance life to 8-10 years, also it can be disassembled and re-erected on another site.

Environmental Friendly
Each component is pre-manufactured in the factory so the onsite construction rubbish is reduced to the minimum, very economy and environmental friendly.

1. Roof Truss
2. Roof Purlin
3. Ring Beam 
4. Corner Post

5. Gable Post
6. Floor Purlin

7. Stair Rail
8. Handrail
9. Staircase 
10. Walkway Bracket Post
11. Roof Panel
12. Ridge Tile 

13. Canopy
14. Handrail
15. Walkway Floor Board
16. Aluminum Sliding Window
17. Composite Door
18. Cross Bar

19. Central Post
20. Ground Joist
21. Walkway Supporting Beam
22. Floor Board
23. Floor Beam
24. Walkway Bracket

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